How to buy yoga clothes

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How to buy yoga clothes

Don't wear: short shorts

Problem: some women like to wear shorts during exercise, or even hot pants shorter than ordinary shorts. Although they can make your legs look longer, they are not recommended for yoga. When you bend down or kick, the right equipment will make you feel confident, rather than worrying about whether someone will see you go away. Moreover, too short shorts will pile up when you exercise, so you often have to distract and pull it flat.

Suggestion: cut trousers that fit. Not only because no matter how you exercise, but also the materials of the early symptoms of leg epilepsy can fully absorb sweat and give you a certain traction when you do balance movements.

Do not wear: cotton underwear

Problem: everyone tells you to wear cotton underwear. Although this fiber has good air permeability and absorbs sweat, it will become heavy and difficult to dry when it is wet during exercise (cotton clothes are also difficult to dry when drying, right).

Suggestion: to avoid being wet for 60 minutes in a class, choose a fashionable sweat wicking underwear.

Introduction to yoga clothes

Yoga clothes are the most important for MM who practice yoga. They are not necessarily Zen clothes in monk clothes and Taoist robes. They focus on spirituality and realize the Zen interest of comfort and sensibility. Therefore, when buying a coat, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, it not only conforms to the Zen idea, but also adds points to your beauty temperament. As we all know, yoga has great effects on health and weight loss, which has attracted more and more Chinese people to join this ranks.

However, the premise of participating in yoga is not only to understand the basic yoga theory, but also to have a fit and comfortable yoga clothes. A good Yoga suit is very light in weight and has almost no obstacles when you do your movements. It can make you do all kinds of movements at will.

For the choice of yoga clothes, many coaches recommend high-end imported goods in the gym. In some aspects, high-end yoga clothes are better than other international brand clothes in style and fabric. However, for ordinary consumers, their cost performance is not as good as the latter. Yoga clothes belong to intimate underwear products, so we should pay more attention to their health characteristics. People will sweat a lot during exercise,

If the material of close fitting clothes is not really green and healthy, harmful substances will enter the skin and body with the opening of pores, which will cause great harm to the human body in the long run. High quality yoga clothes are made of pure natural bamboo fiber, so that you can enjoy the feeling of green and health in yoga.

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