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Our journey of beauty has just begun.
It is more important for a person to become themselves than anything else.
No need to be defined and labeled.
At any stage of life, we can confidently walk the path we want to take and become the person we aspire to be. 
True to ourselves, possessing a unique sense of beauty and strength.
Continuously exploring the aesthetics of dressing, let every woman become more beautiful and confident.
LIOU&LANS presents clothing with simple designs, comfortable and natural fabrics, emphasizing self-expression and wearability. We hope to enable more women to live freely while wearing our clothes. We believe that putting on a well-fitting garment is like finding an energy field, constantly feeling nurtured, nourished, and supported, making us better.
Everyone can become their own light. We are striving for it, and we hope you are too!
Clothing allows us to embrace new states of being—gentle or resolute—free from being defined by age, body shape, appearance, or skin color, showcasing our own beauty. Every woman can live life as she wishes, deciding who she wants to be and determining the kind of life she wants. LIOU&LANS aims to reduce constraints and limitations through clothing, supporting women to fearlessly embrace limitless possibilities.
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